written by
Lore De Jonge

SNCB/NMBS selects BESIX for tunnel and roundabout near Kortrijk station

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BESIX has been selected by the Belgian National Railways Company (SNCB/NMBS) to build and fit out a road traffic tunnel, and to carry out road and remediation works in the vicinity of Kortrijk station.

This is part of the overall ‘Stationsproject Kortrijk’, which aims to renovate and improve the living environment in the vicinity of the station, and to optimise mobility for the various road users. The project is a partnership between SNCB/NMBS, Infrabel, De Lijn, the city of Kortrijk, the Agentschap Wegen en Verkeer (road and traffic agency) and Parko. Kortrijk station is an important regional railway junction, connecting major Belgian cities with northern France.

An estimated 32,000 m³ will be excavated for a large part using the Stross (or 'top-down') construction method, whereby a slab is placed on sunken diaphragm walls, and the soil is then removed underneath it. In this way excavation work can proceed without disturbing car traffic above. When finished, the tunnel will contribute to better road traffic under the railway tracks. The project also includes redirecting the existing sewage system, with new pipes laid in the direction of Kortrijk Weide, and building a roundabout as an extension of the tunnel.

“BESIX is pleased to put its expertise at the service of the Kortrijk station renovation project. This project both meets the mobility challenges faced by road users, and contributes to upgrading an entire neighbourhood", says Dirk Van Lokeren, Senior Operations Manager BU Europe - Flanders & Brussels.