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Lore De Jonge

BESIX Group: Reorganisation of the Procurement department

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As part of the “Procurement 2.0” project, the structure of the Procurement department is changing so as to provide the expected support and implement:

  • Procurement synergies within the BESIX Group’s entities.
  • The conducting of negotiations concerning the Group’s major and strategic procurement.
  • The strengthening of specific procurement skills among the BESIX Group’s Procurement staff.
  • The development of our procurement strategies at Group level.

In order to support the various Businesses and Projects effectively during the bid phase and during execution as well as build a strategic vision of our supplier management, the structure of the Procurement department is being supplemented by Category Managers, backed by a global and regional Procurement organisation.

These Category Managers are your preferred contacts for Procurement matters.

The Global Category Managers are in charge of categories which need to be managed at global market level. They report directly to the CPO. These categories are as follows:

  • Rebars, Sheet Piles and Tubular Piles: Lieve Dubois
  • Steel Structure: Stephan Van Puyvelde
  • Exterior Finishing: Lieve Dubois (acting)
  • Marine Equipment: TBD
  • Meica: TBD

The Regional Category Managers, reporting to the regional Procurement Directors: Koen De Mey for Europe and François Lhomme for the Middle East (a team will also be formed for Australia) are in charge of those categories for which the markets are regional:

For all regions

  • Finishing Interior: Ingrid Ntibimenya in Europe and Manoj Kumar in the Middle East
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP): Sebastiano Marchi for Europe and Shibani Shankar for the Middle East

In Europe, these specific categories have been added:

  • Civil Works: Jurgen De Buck
  • Site Installation and Materials: Erwin Dresen
  • Concrete and Aggregate: Helga Van Brussel

In the Middle East, the indirect category is managed by Mohideen Batcha, who also heads the Procurement Center for the Middle East

The regional Procurement Directors are responsible for synergies between the different local entities and projects.

To support the development of this function, transactional matters and indirect procurement are coordinated by the Procurement Competence Center. This is managed by Pascal Beeckmans and consists of:

The Indirect Category Managers, who work on non-project-specific procurement, for example IT or general services:

  • Indirects (Facilities, Fleet & Communication): Tatiana Towé
  • Indirects (IT, Services and Energy): Alexandra Dhanis
  • The Plant and Logistic and Transport Category Managers
  • Plant - TBD
  • Logistic and Transport - TBD

The Procurement Hub, which supports international and Middle Eastern projects in making purchases in Europe

  • José Aguilar,
  • Pauline Dumont,
  • Laïd Mebarek

The Transport service, which dispatches goods and equipment to our overseas sites and which supports projects in selecting the best air, sea or road transport solutions.

  • Rita Gorgus, Transportation Manager,
  • Vanessa Huybrechts
  • Ferdinand Nsanzamahoro,

The Performance and Data Management service, which ensures performance improvements in procurement using tools, standard documents, ensuring the quality of databases, developing adequate processes and ensuring visibility concerning future procurement and past performance.

  • Steven Albertyn, Master Data Manager
  • James Devroe (acting), Business Process Owner
  • Pauline Dumont, Standardisation and Digitalisation,
  • Christophe Paradoms, Performance Manager
  • And Art Bleux, who manages the Performance and Data Management section for the Middle East

The Procurement Competence Center as a whole receives administrative support from Helena Reyes, who is also Stéphane Bres’s Management Assistant.

This new organisation has been in effect for several weeks and is official as of today. Do not hesitate to contact the Category Managers or the Procurement management team if you have any questions about procurement for your projects or entities.

In collaboration with the People department, we will run workshops during the first quarter of 2020 to improve, describe and adjust the cooperation between the Procurement organisation and the BESIX Group’s various projects and departments. Invitations enabling you to select the workshops you wish to attend will be issued in due course.

You can find the full organisation chart by following this link. As you will see, some positions have not yet been filled. Do not hesitate to apply or recommend a friend!

Stéphane Bres

Chief Procurement Officer