written by
Iza Buysse

Radio BESIX: create the programme with us and send your favourite songs

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Dear colleagues,

On Friday 18 February, BESIX Group is conquering the airwaves with its own radio show... and you are the one making the programme! To make the show as BESIX as possible, rendezvous on https://besixradio.com/en to share your favourite songs, tell us about your best memories at work or send a thank you note to a colleague.

Whether your favourite song is a world famous artist like Queen or a local star like the Belgian Gorki or Australian Daryl Braithwaite; whether you have a funny anecdote, a beautiful memory, an impressive story or just want to thank a colleague... we want to hear about it on https://besixradio.com/en!

Be quick, because the chatter-box is closing tomorrow, on 2 February 2022 at the end of the day - to give us time to weave all your request into a fantastic one-day programme to listen to on 18 February.

On 18 February, BESIX Radio will be accessible to everyone in the Group, regardless of where you are: in the car, on site, at the office or at home. The only thing you need is an internet connection! The presenters will speak English, French and Dutch and the show will be available both through an audio or a video stream. So tune in on Friday 18 February from 7.00 am until 4.30 pm CET and don’t miss a thing!

We can’t wait to be playing all of your favourite songs and discover your stories on BESIX Radio!

P.S.: Aren’t you able to listen on February 18? No worries, the whole show will be available in replay afterwards, also on https://besixradio.com/en.