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Lore De Jonge

Computer security: automatic addition of a disclaimer to emails from BESIX

Me@BESIX Group Me@Socogetra Me@BESIX Infra 2 min read

From 9 October 2019, a statement called a disclaimer will be automatically added at the bottom of all outgoing emails from the BESIX network.

What is a disclaimer? A disclaimer is a statement denying legal responsibility which is added to sent emails to mitigate any legal consequences. This forms part of a good policy for managing and preventing risks associated with data. Surely, you have already seen this type of warning message at the end of emails sent by other organisations, such as your bank.

Why is this necessary? Because spoken words disappear, but written ones remain... All of us use email to share information about our projects or tasks. The content of these emails - and any attachments - may contain confidential information. As a legal precaution, it has become common practice to add a disclaimer to manage the risks associated with sharing information and BESIX will adopt this practice from 9 October 2019.

What does this statement actually say? This statement, which will be added in English only, will be worded as follows:

Any business communication sent by or on behalf of BESIX Group NV/SA or one of its affiliated firms or other entities (together "BESIX Group") is confidential and may be privileged or otherwise protected. If you receive it in error please inform the sender and then delete it immediately from your system. You should not copy it or disclose its contents to anyone. Please be aware that messages sent to and from BESIX Group may be monitored for reasons of security, to protect our business, and to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory obligations and our internal policies. Emails are not a secure method of communication, can be intercepted and cannot be guaranteed to be error free. Anyone who communicates with us by email is taken to understand and accept the above.

Who does this affect? The disclaimer will be added to outgoing emails from the “besix.com” network, i.e. for colleagues from BESIX SA, BESIX RED, BESIX STAY, SOCOGETRA, BESIX GROUP and BESIX INFRA.

What do you have to do? Nothing. This statement will automatically be added to the foot of your emails as soon as they leave the BESIX network, whether you use Outlook on your desktop or laptop or your smartphone. Please note that, as well as sent emails, it will also be added to replies and forwarded messages. It will not be visible to you unless you print out your email. It will of course be visible to your recipients.

Note: If for some reason you usually add a personal disclaimer under your signature, you must remove this permanently. BESIX’s disclaimer will take over and replace all other initiatives.

Thank you for your active cooperation in preventing computer-related risks.