The 2019 Activity Report is available

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Dear Colleagues,

BESIX Group's 2019 Activity Report is now available in a digital version.

In addition to the results for 2019, the report presents the Group's many areas of expertise, our strategy, our news and our departments, as well as the projects carried out during the year by BESIX and its entities.

The digital version of the Activity Report has a new look. It is a particularly dynamic and user-friendly web version, both on mobile and computer. It is also more flexible than before and allows you to download only the chapters of your choice, as well as to combine them according to your interests and use. You can access the digital platform by following this link.

Printed versions will be available in the coming weeks. As every year, copies will be delivered to each of the group's entities. For sustainability and sound cost management reasons, the amount of print copies will be reduced this year.

It should be noted that the 2019 Activity Report will be exclusively available in English this year.

We wish you an excellent reading and thank all those who have contributed to its production.