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Iza Buysse

Delivery of Terraced Tower in Rotterdam

Global Me@BESIX Group 2 min read

Today, the Terraced Tower in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) has been delivered by BESIX Nederland! Contributing greatly to the skyline of Rotterdam, the 100 m high rise alongside the river Maas houses different types of urban apartments, of which 258 rental and 86 purchase units. Furthermore, the ground floor has space for several utilities, such as a restaurant with a stunning view over the Maas.

The project, which was awarded to BESIX Nederland by the Dutch real estate company Provast, derives its name from the unit-wide terraces, which boast spectacular views of the city and the river Maas. Another special design element is the decreasing length along the height of the building from 100 m to 35 and the increasing width from 20 m to 30 m.

“One of the special aspects of this site is its location, with a waterway along both sides of the building”, says Michel Mulder, Operations Manager at BESIX Nederland.

Located alongside the river Maas, the tower not only provides its residents with stunning views, it also offers many other advantages. Hundreds of stores, restaurants, bars and the famous Markthal are all around the corner. On top of that, the tower is situated right at a main road and the train station is only a seven minute bike ride away, suiting everyone’s lifestyle. Underground there is parking space for no less than 122 cars, divided over two floors, and a huge bicycle parking is provided as well.

For the design and preparation, various digital tools were optimally used. For example, the production of drawings was automated. Kelvin Roovers: "For the design of the building, we used BIM and we had a 3D model, but on site they need 2D drawings. Making such drawings is a time-consuming process and involves repetitive work. Thanks to the digital automation tools we developed ourselves, we were able to eliminate as many manual operations as possible and the final production was eight times faster than expected. Costs were reduced, as was the risk of human error," continues Kelvin. During the design phase, our teams also used the SCIA Engineer calculation software to design the concrete structure and the foundations of the building. They even won the 2020 SCIA User Contest for buildings over 6,000 m², which makes the project even more special!

BESIX would like to thank all the partners for this collaborative achievement. We deeply appreciate everyone who worked from morning until late in the evening, even during these difficult Covid-19 times.