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Dear colleagues,


As the world in which we operate is in constant evolution, our company has also undergone a series of transformations over the last couple of years, under the guidance of our clear purpose defined under BESIX Forward, Excel in Creating Sustainable Solutions for a Better World.

Through our 6 strategic drivers that where defined, many initiatives have been launched or accelerated, such as our Start-Up Accelerator, the purchase of Watpac, the new procurement organization and many others.

Your input on how we manage, share and lead all these changes was requested through for example our BESIX Group Engagement 2018 study and different workshops afterwards.

It brought the Executive Committee to reflect on the management and support of our key capital, namely YOU.

The feedback given by yourself through surveys, brought us to 3 clear conclusions

· Our company needs to define a clear People Strategy going forward

· Our offering to our people must support their growth during their career

· Our organization must reflect the co-creation and future orientation

We have worked on the several items, benchmarked with the external best in-class and requested support and input from different internal teams.

Today I want to inform you on the first step we are taking, the deployment of a new People Organization in support of our Human Capital.

Design Criteria for the new organization

With the new People organization at Group level, we want to demonstrate that we no longer talk about a human resource, but we put our people central as they are instrumental to our success.

We gear the organization to work together across the boundaries of Business Units, Companies and Countries thus allowing more cooperation and unity to reach better solutions.

Putting accountability where it best resides. Defining more clearly what we can do together, and what we need to delegate to better align to local conditions.

Roles & Responsibilities

In the attached presentation, you will find a full descriptive of the organization and roles for your reference, reaction or feedback. We created these roles based on the actions & objectives defined from our People Strategy and the objectives from the strategic driver Great Place to Work.

1. Defining 3 Regional People Directors

In order to coordinate and share knowledge over the regions and within each region, we defined 3 Regional People Director Roles.

Johan Melort is nominated as Regional People Director Europe

Europe: all countries on the European Continent and Canada

Vincent Gondouin is nominated as Regional People Director International & Middle-East

All countries in the Middle-East, Africa and Asia

Angela Liebke is nominated as Chief People Officer Watpac

Australia and adjacent countries

All three report directly to Geert Aelbrecht, Chief People Officer, and to the different BU leadership involved through regular boards, reports and interaction.

2. Creating Group Expert Roles

Global Expert Reward & Recognition: Translates the People Strategy & business strategy into comprehensive policies, procedures and tools on remuneration and benefits on a group and regional level.

At this moment, Johan Melort will continue to perform this role ad interim until somebody has been hired. You can always apply or propose a referral via the internal jobsite.

Global Expert Talent & Leadership Management: Translates the People Strategy & business strategy into comprehensive policies, procedures and tools on talent, succession and leadership management on a Group and regional level. Caroline Vyncke will take up this role supported by Stéphanie Vanhee.

Global Expert Sourcing & Recruitment: Translates the People Strategy & business strategy into comprehensive policies, procedures and tools on sourcing & recruitment on a Group and regional level. Axelle Vanklemput will take up this role.

Global Expert BESIX Academy: Translates the People Strategy & business strategy into comprehensive policies, procedures and tools on development on a Group and regional level. Sylvie Floor will lead this expertise.

Global Expert People Agility: Translates the People Strategy & business strategy into comprehensive policies, procedures and tools on change enabling on a Group and regional level. This new function is currently recruited. You can always apply or propose a referral via the internal jobsite

All these functions report directly to Geert Aelbrecht.

3. Regional embedding

The link with the local operations remains key to ensure continuation of operations, direct support to our colleagues, early detection of issues and mitigation of risks.

On a policy setting & strategy level, Geert will ensure a regular interaction between all regional People Managers of the different departments and companies to reach alignment, co-creation, unity and excellence.

For Operational matters Johan Melort will be the coordination point for all Belgian regional companies.

For Europe

Johan Melort will be leading the region Europe. He will be operationally responsible to ensure that all aspects in support of the People Strategy are managed and coordinates the input from the expert support and co-creation center.

Karla Craeynest is nominated as People Manager for BESIX Corporate and Headquarter Services of the BU’s (International, RED, Concessions & Assets) and will lead several key projects such as Great Place to Work.

Nathalie Vankrunkelsven is nominated as People Manager BESIX Belgium, covering all BESIX operational departments on the Belgian and Luxembourg territory.

Gauthier Vanvyve becomes coordinator for Industrial Relations (contacts with the social partners), BESIX SA Blue Collars Coordination and Regional Expert Social Legislation on Subcontracting. For questions on Check-in-at-work, social documents and other related items, he will be the contact person. He will be supported by Santiago Travieso-Santana for our Blue Collars Support (Brussels & South)

Reporting to Johan Melort the team of Dris Salek will continue to work on our fleet and other administration services.

Kitty Schuurbiers and Sébastien Palerme remain respectively People Manager BESIX Netherlands and BESIX France.

Regional Contractors and Specialist Contractors:

For the different BESIX subsidiaries operating on the Belgian territory and beyond, no changes to the current HR organizations are made.

All People (HR) contacts can be found on the Group Who-is-Who.

For International & Middle-East

The local People Organization in the Middle-East will be led by Vincent Gondouin.

The individual functional leads will be communicated on a later point in time.

At the headquarters in Brussels the following support will continue to be delivered

Mobilization of Employees: Stéphanie Vanhee remains responsible of the movements of employees between regions and first time recruits via the Brussels HQ.

Seeing some payroll handling and social security services still will be performed from the HQ: Rosetta Cucci and supported by Sasha Hiyeza, remains responsible for the local coordination in support of the different countries.

For Australia

The org chart with the different responsibilities can be found in the attached PowerPoint presentation.

The local People Organization in Australia will be led Angela Liebke.

Her team provides guidance and support to employees and leaders to enable the performance, growth and success of the business of Watpac.

Emily Brooks guides the generalist and operational team This team is located in our key offices across Australia to best support Watpacs’ local and remote projects. The leaders in each state are:

· Queensland, Northern Territory (and other regions): Emily Brooks, based in Brisbane

· New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory: Kathy Pham, based in Sydney

· Victoria and South Australia: Tina Mullan, based in Melbourne

Kate Singleton manages the information systems (including Metrilio), benefits and payroll. Together with her team they manage payroll for Australia from the Brisbane office.

Their resourcing team who have the important role of sourcing and securing the best talent for our business is led by Caoimhe Bowden based in Brisbane.

Learning and organizational development continues to be provided by Jade Pearson and her team based in Brisbane but operating nationally.

Specialized industrial relations expertise is provided across the business by Craig Dearling and supported by our HR generalist team.

Their newly formed international mobility team is drawn from existing resources across the HR team. This is the team that supports identification, onboarding and mobilization of resources globally including co-ordination of visas and managing migration. This team is Emily Brooks (lead), Kate Singleton (payroll), Caoimhe Bowden (sourcing/visas and migration), Ellarie Osborn (onboarding, visas/migration) and Kathryn Bourke (general support).

4. Creating center of expertise

Since one of the clear strategic drivers is defined as bringing more synergies across the group, we will launch our People Cocreation Center, led by Olivier De Ridder. Olivier will be Senior Manager People Cocreation Center, BPO People & QHSE Systems.

The Cocreation Center is there to support the different regions and companies with selecting the right tools, if possible shared tools, procedures and process to optimize the use and usability, the efficiency and the compatibility to allow better flow of talent in the organization.

Furthermore common reporting will allow more strategic use of people data in strategic planning. In his task Olivier is supported by François Gérard.

Olivier De Ridder will also lead the BESIX Payroll and Administration team.

The blue collar payroll & administration will executed by below mentioned team that will report to Olivier.

· Dirk Magdelijns: Senior Payroll Officer Blue Collars;

· Lucie Bassée: Payroll Officer Blue Collars;

For employees the payroll & administration team consists out and reports to Olivier:

· Catherine Van Ravestyn: Benefits and Administration Officer

· Maryse Goossens: Senior Payroll & Mobility Officer

· Véronique Bauduin: Payroll & Mobility Officer

· Sasha Hiyeza: Junior Payroll Officer

· Rosetta Cucci: International Payroll Officer

For all your questions about payroll of BESIX SA, BESIX RED, BESIX Group, BESIX STAY: you can still contact payroll@besix.com

In the same approach we will continue to support travel within the group via Christophe Hondequin and Eva Bruyninckx. They will report to Olivier De Ridder.

Finally Peter Bertels will continue his role as Senior Manager Creativity & HR Digital Enabling and support the drive to creativity what defines us as BESIX from any other company in our sector. He reports for this role to Geert.

5. Shared Expert Resources

The Sourcing and Recruitment remains coordinated by Axelle (i.e. Headquarters/International/EU) and consists of Yannick Van Aelst (i.e. Headquarters, Operations); Valérie Olivier (i.e. Headquarters, Flamant, BESIX STAY, Operations); Maxim Maveau (i.e. Operations EU), Mathilde Dall’Armi (i.e. Researcher) and one open Senior Recruiter for European Operations Market. You can always apply or propose a referral via the internal jobsite

The BESIX Academy will be led by Sylvie. In her team Karim Mossadek is primary supporting the digitization of our development offer and Maurine Bodart supports the administrative and logistical follow-up.

All these changes will become affective as from today. I wish all my colleagues success with their assignments and responsibilities. If you would be interested in applying to one of the listed jobs, or you know somebody in your internal or external network, don’t hesitate to contact us.

With the launch of this People organization we want to support even more our 5 values by working in Unity across the boundaries, by Co-creating solutions to your benefit, as such improving together to reach Excellence, in full Respect of the individual and collective ambitions. It will be our daily Passion to put our people central.

Download the information brochure

Best regards,

Geert Aelbrecht

Chief People Officer BESIX Group