written by
Lore De Jonge


me@BELEMCO 1 min read

The steps taken in 2018 to further diversify BESIX, coupled with recent developments in our activities and entities, have brought changes in the Group's decision-making structure.

  • The acquisition of Watpac has already led to several internal appointments. At organisational level, Rik Vandenberghe, CEO of BESIX Group, will as from now on directly oversee Watpac’s business.

  • Our activities in the water and energy sectors were strengthened greatly in 2018 with new contracts, especially in the United Arab Emirates. It is in this context that Christophe Ledur, General Manager for the Water business unit in the Middle East has been asked to oversee this expertise for the whole business unit Contracting. Adrien Theunissen, responsible for the Water business unit in Brussels, will therefore report directly to him. Christophe will in turn report to Pierre Sironval.

  • The Brussels-based Estimating department, under Director Olivier Vanderkerken, will now report to Pierre Sironval, the Group’s COO. Philippe Dessoy, General Manager Business Development, who was responsible for Estimating, will continue to focus his efforts on acquiring customers and developing the Group’s business. He will therefore continue to report to Rik Vandenberghe.

  • In 2018, BESIX also invested by acquiring stakes in companies such as A-STAY, which aims to develop innovative formulas for both short and long city stays. As the A-STAY business implies acquiring buildings as assets, and Tom Neyrinck, General Manager Concessions & Assets, will oversee these.

  • The companies Flamant and LN24, in which BESIX holds a share and therefore also has seats on the boards, are managed at BESIX Group holding level.

BESIX would like to thank everyone involved in the changes for their contribution, and to reiterate its trust in their professionalism. The Group organisation chart will be updated accordingly and made available on the intranet.

These appointments are effective as from today.