written by
Lore De Jonge

A mobile pedestrian bridge in Molenbeek

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Last Friday a new pedestrian bridge was placed in the municipality of Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, Brussels. The works were carried out by THV Aelterman and BESIX (West Construct) on behalf of the port of Brussels. The old bridge of 70 tons was quite inconvenient since it had a low position on the water, not allowing shipping to pass through. It was therefore lifted and removed by a 500-ton crane during an overnight operation.

The new pillars were then placed, which required a meticulous and precise work since they have to support the new steel bridge. The latter was brought in one piece by boat and placed last Friday.

The particularity of the new bridge is that it is mobile. This means that the bridge can make upward and downward movements to allow shipping to pass through. All the while, the stairs of the bridge can be moved as well, allowing pedestrians to cross at any time.

In the coming weeks, the VUB and BESIX (West construct) will study the bridge closely. Among others, load testing and related tests will be carried out. Once the investigation is complete, the bridge will be opened up to residents and pedestrians.

Watch the video to see the removal of the old bridge and the placement of the new one: https://vimeo.com/327917907