written by
Iza Buysse

Passing of Francis Dauvin

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We regret to announce the passing of Francis Dauvin, a dear member of the BESIX family, who worked for our group for a long time and was a remarkable colleague for many of us until his retirement. He was aged 70.

Francis joined our Group in the Seventies. After a spell in Iraq, where he contributed a.o. to the Baiji housing project together with Johan Beerlandt, he left the region for Cameroon in 1981. During his tenure as Administrative, then Finance & Administrative Director in Cameroon, he played an important role in the development of the presence of our group in the country. He contributed to many of our emblematic projects there, such as the General Hospital of Yaoundé or the complex of ministries in the capital. After a very short time in Zaire (now: Democratic Republic of Congo) in 1991, he returned to Cameroon where he stayed until 1999. He then went to Paris (France), where he contributed to projects like the Terminal E of the Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport and Tower CBX. Francis retired in 2012.

Francis will be remembered for his willingness to share his time and expertise with his colleagues, as well as for his contagious cheerfulness. He also had an incredible passion for travels, which he narrated in his memoires “De Bagdad à Douala” in 2005.

Johan Beerlandt: “Francis and I go back more than 30 years ago, as friends and colleagues. Not only was he a great person to do business with, he was also an excellent Finance Director. In business dealings, he was always straightforward and sincere. I spent memorable moments with him in Cameroon over the years. He will be missed by all who knew him.”

Francis leaves behind two children and four grandchildren.

All our thoughts go to his family, friends and former colleagues during this difficult time.