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4 pictures to keep up with the latest news (6/7)

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Week of 6 July.

1) Signed and sealed: historical moment in Antwerp (Belgium)

This is it! Our first major contract in the Oosterweel connection is signed. Since last week, the joint venture COTU (BESIX & partners) and our client Lantis are committed to build the immersed tunnel under the Scheldt together. The total contract value amounts EUR 570 Mio, with BESIX’s part at 25%.

After an extremely turbulent course that started 16 years ago (first prequalification in 2004!), the first milestone in a long series has been reached. The signature is the crowning of many months of hard work in difficult circumstances. Our colleague Jan Bauwens will act as Project Director for the joint venture. We congratulate Jan and his team for this great achievement!

All partners, including our colleagues Jean Polet and Mark Beyst, signed the contract during a happy and socially distant ceremony last week - as you can see on the pictures below.

For more details about the project, read the previous press release.

2) Vanhout will contribute to the new velodrome in Heusden-Zolder (Belgium)

It’s an amazing week for cycling fanatics, as Flemish Minister of Sports Ben Weyts and non-profit association Sportcomplex Vlaanderen/Heusden-Zolder have developed ambitious plans for a brand new sports complex in Heusden-Zolder, in the province of Limburg. Our colleagues at Vanhout will be part of the team shaping it. We’re looking forward to attending international championships in this beautiful new velodrome.

Bravo Vanhout teams for this new exciting contract!

3) Spartacus project stops railway traffic for works in Diepenbeek (Belgium)

More news from Limburg. As part of the “Spartacus” project in Diepenbeek, railway traffic will be temporarily interrupted in Diepenbeek until 12 July.

This is a major infrastructure project that our teams of BESIX and BESIX Infra are undertaking for Infrabel. It includes a new express line connecting Hasselt and Maastricht, which will significantly improve the fluidity and sustainability of mobility between the two cities.

This temporary pause enables the team to continue works demolishing and reconstructing road and rail infrastructure.

This has been announced by Infrabel during a socially distant press moment this week, during which even the mayor wore a BESIX hard-top! Watch the video here (only in Dutch).

4) BESIX RED and Jacques Delens in the spotlight in Louvain-La-Neuve (Belgium)

This week, a particularly important milestone was reached in the "Esprit Courbevoie" project, which is the new human-sized district developed by BESIX RED and built in Louvain-La-Neuve by Jacques Delens in association with Thomas & Piron. In order to link this new district to its neighbouring districts, an impressive 50m long and 3.5m wide cyclo-pedestrian footbridge has been placed above the Boulevard de Wallonie and the RER car park.

The foundations of this new footbridge had already been poured several months ago, before the confinement. This week began the installation of the imposing metal structure, a meticulous work that will take a couple of days. Once this stage has been completed, it will be necessary to take care of the finishing touches, the electrical work and the installation of the cladding. Everything will be completed for the inauguration scheduled for October.

Thanks to this footbridge, it will now be possible to complete the tour of the city on foot or by bicycle! Congratulations to all the teams involved.

Discover the "Esprit Courbevoie" district and the laying of the footbridge, with our colleague Laurent Graas at the microphone of the journalist, in this TV report (in French only).

Oh my, 4 pics are hardly enough to keep up with all of your amazing progress! Check our recent pictures section on our intranet home page for more updates.

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