Boost your colleagues by sending them an e-card!

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It has been a while since we’ve been able to socialize carefree among colleagues, without respecting strict hygienic measures or maintaining a physical distance. Some of you have been working from home since November. On-site, we strictly respect the professional bubbles. In these difficult circumstances, it is so important to remain connected to each other and to strengthen our teams to the fullest - even at a distance.

To help you, we’ve assembled a collection of e-cards that you can email to colleagues or even post on their social media, to sing their praises, joke around, or simply say you're happy to work with them.

Have you been looking for a way to thank the colleague who works extra hard so you can have a little more time to take care of your family at home? Do you want to reconnect with that one colleague that you haven't heard from in a while? Or are you just simply looking for a way to encourage your colleagues? Take a look at the e-cards and pick your favourite. And besides, what better day to start spreading good vibes than today, World Compliment Day?

Spread good vibes, send an e-card!

How to send an e-card?
Simple as pie!
If you’re looking for the e-cards in other languages, you can click here for the Dutch versions and here for the French versions.

There are three ways in which you can send your e-card:
1. As an email: Click the button 'send as email' on the card of your choice. Fill in the email address of the colleague you want to send it to. Add your own name and a personal message if you like.

2. On social media: Click the Facebook or LinkedIn icon on the card of your choice. Add a personal message and don't forget to tag the colleague whom you'd like to see the card.

3. Use the link: copy the link to your favourite card in the URL bar of your internet browser, and download the e-card. Send the e-card any way you like once it has been donwloaded.

Or just hand it over in person! At Brussels HQ, there is a limited stock of printed e-cards. Find your favorite in the business center and give it to your colleague.

Let's remind ourselves that we, at BESIX, are a united community of passionate, respectful, and hardworking colleagues. Let's boost each other by spreading good vibes!