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Lore De Jonge

Your voice counts: Participate in our BESIX Group Engagement Survey!

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Dear colleagues,

We’re excited to announce to you that the next BESIX Group Engagement Survey will be launched on 8 June and will stay open for two weeks. Your participation is crucial to ensure that each and every employee’s voice is heard. Whether you work on site, at the office, in the Northern or Southern hemisphere, as an accountant, blue collar or site manager: you can be part of the dialog!

How You Benefit

Three years ago, 2,500 amongst you participated in the Engagement Survey 2018. The feedback you provided helped us bring improvements in several domains, such as the #WeCare policies. The more you are to participate, the more accurate the results will be in reflecting the situation in the company, in your department, helping us crafting adequate responses to your daily needs. In a nutshell: your very own participation will make a difference on a company’s and personal level!

What’s New?

Next to general questions about employee satisfaction, the survey focuses this year even more on well-being, pyscho-social risks and questions relating to Covid-19 and leadership. Our goal is to get a profound understanding of what motivates you to succeed. Don’t miss this opportunity to be the co-author of the action plans of our group and make your voice heard!

After careful reflection, we decided to partner this time with Mensura, our longstanding external prevention service provider in Belgium. Together with them, we’ve created a straightforward condensed questionnaire to capture all your input.

About the Survey

This survey is an invaluable tool, and is...

  • Quick and easy: it will only take you max. 15 minutes to complete, on mobile or on laptop
  • Trustworthy: 100% confidential and anonymous as in previous sessions
  • Direct: an easy way for you to share honest feedback
  • Actionable: a tool to improve your work experience

Our partnership with Mensura allows us to maintain 100% confidentiality. Mensura will not transfer any individual data to BESIX, only aggregated results will be shared.

Get ready!

You will receive an email invitation to take the survey on 8 June from Mensura. For colleagues who do not have a professional email address, the procedure is slightly different: they will receive a letter at home, with a link and a personal code to a website where they can take the survey.

Your feedback is extremely important to us and will greatly impact the direction of our organisation: thank you in advance for your active participation!

Geert Aelbrecht, Chief People Officer, and the colleagues of the Executive Committee