Welcome to BESIX Environment!

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BESIX Sanotec is now officially going by the name BESIX Environment. The rebranding reflects the department’s shift from a water solutions expert to a provider of innovative integrated solutions for today’s growing water and waste challenges, and energy needs. It also capitalises on BESIX’ strong brand name to highlight the department’s global character and focus on the environmental sector.

Founded in 1979 as a subsidiary of Vanhout, Sanotec was incorporated into BESIX Group in 2006 and renamed BESIX Sanotec. Today, BESIX Environment operates as a fully integrated in-house department dedicated to the development of BESIX Group activities in environmental contracting worldwide, from conception, execution, commissioning/start-up, and beyond. In this context, BESIX not only devises innovative solutions for water and waste management, but is also firmly committed to the value of reuse as a creator of byproducts (biogas, biofuel, biosolids, heat recovery and recycled water) to respond to the global transition to green energy.

BESIX Environment will further leverage and develop its MEICA (“Electro-mechanics”) and Process (“Bio-Chemistry”) engineering competences to the benefit of the Contracting business as well as the Concessions & Assets business as deemed appropriate. The department also aims to develop new synergies with BESIX’ other contracting sectors and entities to deliver One-Stop-Shop solutions for the water, waste and energy market covering every stage of the construction life cycle. BESIX Environment’s ultimate goal is to find smart, cost-effective and sustainable answers to tomorrow’s water, waste and energy challenges.

Christophe Ledur heads the BESIX Environment Department with teams in Dubai and Belgium. You can contact Christophe in Dubai and Adrien Theunissen in Brussels for further information.