written by
Lore De Jonge

Van den Berg and partners install 1.2 million digital energy meters

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Commissioned by the Belgian distribution grid operator Fluvius, 3DM will install digital energy meters for 80% of Flemish households in East and West Flanders over the next four years. 3DM is a temporary partnership, consisting of BESIX Group entity Van den Berg, JACOPS NV and ENGIE Solutions.

In the amended energy decree of 17 July 2020, the Flemish Government has set the ambition that all conventional meters in Flanders must be replaced by digital energy meters, 80% of which by the end of 2024. A real logistical operation to measure the energy consumption of Flemish households more efficiently.

More than 1 million customer contacts

In order to carry out this contract successfully in East and West Flanders, the contractor group 3DM was founded. 3DM is a temporary partnership consisting of Van den Berg and JACOPS NV. Van den Berg is part of BESIX Group and has built up extensive expertise in the construction and management of cable and pipeline infrastructure on the Belgian market. ENGIE Solutions acts as a key operational partner.

3DM operates efficiently and focuses on customer satisfaction and flexibility. This is necessary since there will be numerous customer contacts - more than 1 million. With this contract, Fluvius is preparing to accelerate its efforts in order to meet the objectives of the Flemish Government.


The switch from analogue to digital meters has many advantages. Both for the grid manager and for the end-user.

Within a few years, every home in Flanders will be equipped with this meter. The meter with a rotary counter will therefore be a thing of the past.

"With this transition, we are contributing to a more efficient energy policy in Flanders," says Annick Martin, CEO of Van den Berg. "With the new generation of digital meters, users will be able to be informed at any time exactly how much electricity and natural gas they are using. Moreover, the grid manager will be able to read the meter from a distance. We are therefore enormously proud that we can build the infrastructure for this."

Digital future

Recruitment and training will be the first major challenge in this project. The safety of the employees and their surroundings and the quality for the customers are unconditionally paramount. 3DM will therefore provide an extensive training programme for the approximately 300 employees who will complete the entire operation in both provinces.

"We are extremely proud to be able to contribute to this project and thereby provide local employment," says Pascal Aerts, Account Director at JACOPS NV. "Our people always make the difference through their dedication and project involvement. Technology and innovative applications are anchored in our genes. We install today the digital future of tomorrow."

The whole operation will be kicked off in spring 2021.