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Iza Buysse

The 4PS team needs you!

Me@BESIX Group 1 min read

Dear colleagues,

Up to date and correct information about the actual situation of our activities is crucial for our project teams and our organisation. That’s why, we started gradually implementing the 4PS tool for NV BESIX SA’s activities in Belgium earlier this year.

4PS replaces AX and a number of Excel spreadsheets and is the one main source that gives a real-time complete and shared “end-to-end” view and integrated monitoring of our activities: from budget, orders placed at building sites or at HQ, to tracking invoices issued to our customers and budget controlling.

In order to support the implementation of 4PS, we are looking for 4PS Project Ambassadors (NL and FR) to start fulfilling this full-time job as soon as possible and until the end of 2022.

What are we looking for?

  • You have experience in project management.
  • You’re interested in the full end-to-end process: from budget to procuring, from invoicing to project control and results…
  • You’re interested in improving our internal processes and be a frontrunner by working at the base of the digitalisation of the construction sector.

What can you expect?

  • You’ll be part of the business team “Digitalisation for projects in execution”.
  • You’ll translate our daily business activities in a simple and efficient digital tool. You’ll bring your experience to the process.
  • You’ll be the knowledge ambassador for all Belgian sites.
  • You’ll guide colleagues through the tool and teach them all the ins and outs through regular training.
  • You’ll be the link between our software provider (4PS) and our internal team for further tests and improvement.

If you’re looking for a varied job in which you can give the BESIX touch to an international ERP software tool, then this is something for you! Also, this role is a great opportunity to enlarge your BESIX network, as you will coordinate and work with colleagues from all departments, as well as on different sites.

Stop reinventing the world at the start of each project. Instead, make the difference by working on a tool that will improve efficiency for all colleagues.

If the above sounds as you and/or has sparked your interest, don’t hesitate to apply via nathalie.vankrunkelsven@besix.com.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
The 4PS team