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Lore De Jonge

Sustainability award 'Duurzame Parel' for A16 Rotterdam project

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The A16 Rotterdam project has been awarded a 'Duurzame Parel' sustainability award, which acknowledges projects that apply the Sustainable Civil Engineering Approach in a unique way. The award was handed over during the ‘Sustainable Civil Engineering’ conference to the client Rijkswaterstaat and the construction consortium 'De Groene Boog', consisting of BESIX, Dura Vermeer, Van Oord and TBI companies Croonwolter&dros and Mobilis. In 2024, the energy-neutral A16 Rotterdam will connect the A16 at the Terbregseplein with the A13 by Rotterdam The Hague Airport.

This type of award recognises a combination of a client and a contractor whose project is distinguished by a special attention to the application of the Sustainable Civil Engineering approach or elements thereof in a civil engineering project. An example of the sustainability measures in the A16 project is the tunnel through Lage Bergse Bos. This, like the rest of the A16, will be energy-neutral. In fact, it will be the first energy-neutral tunnel in the world. The energy needed to maintain the road and the tunnel is generated by the road itself using solar panels.

CO2 emissions kept to a minimum

You don’t get this award just like that. In the tender phase, ambitious commitments were made in the areas of material use and energy in the use phase. In addition, the consortium has registered with CO2 performance ladder level 5 with a minimum CO2 reduction of 10 per cent as its goal. This will be achieved by using solar panels, LED lighting, electric transport and hybrid equipment.

Minimal energy consumption

When the project is completed, as much energy will be generated by solar panels as is used by the lighting and installations along the route and in the tunnel.

"During the design phase, measures were taken to reduce electricity consumption significantly. This reduces the number of solar panels required, which are fitted into the corners of exits. This creates more space for nature development," says Arjan Visser, director of De Groene Boog.

Rotterdam and Lansingerland more accessible and liveable

Good accessibility to Rotterdam, Lansingerland and the surrounding region is important for a strong economy and a good quality of life. The new 11 km long energy-neutral A16 Rotterdam connects the A16 at the Terbregseplein with the A13 by Rotterdam The Hague Airport. The A16 Rotterdam will open to traffic in 2024.