written by
Sylvie Floor

People Newsletter : special edition

Me@BESIX 1 min read

Dear colleagues,

We all have been devastated by the images and videos of the flooding in Belgium and the Netherlands. So many citizens lost their homes, their livelihoods and some lost their lives. Our condolences to the affected families and all our support to all in these moments of suffering.

We know some of you have also been touched by these natural events.

Therefore, as a token of our support and care for you and your family, we grant every employee impacted by the flood 3 extra days compassionate leave so that you have time to make the necessary administrative and practical arrangements.
You can apply for these leave days by sending a simple e-mail to payroll@besix.com, with a copy of your statement to the insurance company.

Furthermore we grant every employee that will do volunteering work in light of this disaster, the possibility to have 1 day of volunteering work paid by the company. A declaration on honour sent to payroll@besix.com will suffice to benefit from this day.

Keep the spirit, remain in unity with those involved, respect to all those helping.

BESIX Executive Team