Password change: URGENT ACTION required now

1 min read

For the past ten days, our daily work has been often disrupted. Many of you have shown resilience and creativity while restoration operations are underway, for which we want to thank you immensely.

This Friday, 22 October, a new phase of resolving our IT problems will start: a mandatory large-scale change of passwords. This change is necessary to make the next phase possible, that of restoring connectivity.

A mandatory password change in itself isn’t a technically complicated operation, but due to the size of our group and the diversity of our situations, it is logistically a bit more complex.

In order to successfully carry out this mandatory password change operation in a totally secure and monitored environment, we have put in place a procedure, which you will find in appendix. Please read it very carefully as soon as you receive this message and follow the instructions without further delay to avoid any problems later on.

The password change will take place this Friday at noon. It is therefore absolutely necessary that you take action immediately: if you do not follow the procedure, you will lose access to your emails and other applications.

We also advise you to save this email and the attachment in order to be able to re-read it at all times.

If you have colleagues or team members who are still having problems connecting to their mailboxes, please share these instructions verbally with them. Let's help each other. Let's all work together to make this password change another successful step towards restoring our services.

Thank you for your active collaboration.