Organisational change: unification BESIX Belgium-Luxembourg

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Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the creation of the entity BESIX Belgium-Luxembourg, under the leadership of Mark Beyst. This new entity is the integration of what was previously known as ‘BESIX Vlaanderen-Brussel’ and ‘BESIX Wallonie-Luxembourg’. Since 1 January 2022, it is now a single unified entity.

This geographical area has traditionally been a strong performer within our Group. In order to remain so whilst facing some very challenging projects and a very competitive market, we have decided to adapt our work organisation to confirm and further improve our long-term results.

The Belgian market is currently experiencing a significant change in the type of clients and their requirements: projects are becoming larger, climate objectives are becoming an integral part of tenders, and clients are increasingly organised on a national or international level - all of which requires a streamlined and unified approach from our side. Especially as we have a clear ambition to move up the value chain in Belgium, obviously taking into account the responsibilities and associated risks, in order to improve our net margins.

In view of this development, Mark Beyst has been appointed General Manager of BESIX Belgium-Luxembourg. In this function he will continue to report to Jan Van Steirteghem, General Manager BU Europe.

Mark's objectives, together with his management team, will be to focus on a strengthened commercial and operational approach in the country, on better internal and external partnerships, on an efficient and flexible exchange of skills and people within the entity, while maintaining and further developing a strong operational team, the engine of any successful organisation like ours.

In parallel with this commercial and operational focus, Mark will coordinate and strengthen the collaboration with the central teams (People, Finance, LC&I, BED, Tendering, etc.) so that the right experts are deployed to support the projects.

Specific information sessions for colleagues of BESIX Vlaanderen-Brussel and BESIX Wallonie-Luxembourg are currently ongoing. An organisation chart will be shared once all teams have been informed.

We invite you to join us in wishing Mark and his teams every success in their new roles.

Kind regards,

Johan Beerlandt
Executive Chairman

Pierre Sironval
Deputy CEO

Jan Van Steirteghem
General Manager BU Europe