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Week of 20 June

1. A miniature river for a full-scale test (Belgium)

This 1.8 km tunnel, which BESIX is designing and building together with Jan De Nul and DEME, will run under the Scheldt River and contribute to the completion of the Antwerp ring road (aka the famous Oosterweel project).

One of its special features is that it is being built in the dry, far from Antwerp, on the North Sea shore at Zeebrugge. The eight segments of the tunnel, once built, will float, and be towed via the North Sea and the Scheldt to be immersed in exactly the right place, north of Antwerp.

All of this has of course been studied and simulated by computer. These were now supplemented by extremely precise physical tests on a scale of 1:60. Miniature maritime equipment, tunnel, and river, under real conditions, were recreated in a basin. This allowed the immersion of the tunnel to be tested, with the tide and the strong currents of the Scheldt recreated by pumps, and the impact of the passage of large ships on the stability of the tunnel, after immersion and before backfilling.

2. First vessel through the Vistula Spit (Poland)

Last week, as a barge passed through the Vistula Spit shipping canal for the first time, starting from the artificial island of the lagoon and heading towards Gdansk on the Baltic Sea, the Polish Deputy Minister of Infrastructure publicly expressed his admiration for the progress of the work over the past two years. This marine infrastructure shortens the distance for ships between the port of Elblag and the Baltic Sea, also avoiding the need to pass through Russian territorial waters. This week, we share two videos: the passage of the first barge through the lock and an impressive summary of the work carried out over the past two years. Congrats to our colleagues who have helped make this project a reality: in a few months it will be open to navigation.

3. A cyclist's dream (Belgium)

The municipality of Heusden-Zolder in the Belgian province of Limburg was already known for its motor sport circuit. Soon, international cycling competitions will also take place in a brand-new velodrome that meets this sports’ highest standards. This velodrome is being built by Vanhout. Last weekend, the first nail in the cycling track was officially planted by Flemish Minister of Sport Ben Weyts. The project will include a 250-metre covered Olympic cycle track, as well as a gymnasium and fitness room, a medical centre, and commercial and catering facilities. Outside, reeds will treat wastewater and the roof will be equipped with solar panels. The high-end sports complex should be ready by next summer: we can count on the excellent pedal stroke of our Vanhout colleagues to achieve this brilliantly.

4. House-warming party in Brisbane (Australia)

Last Thursday, BESIX Watpac welcomed clients, partners, and contractors to a special cocktail party to christen its new headquarters at Jubilee Place. The event featured a very interesting discussion led by Mark Baker, CEO of BESIX Watpac, with panelists Ross Williams, Belinda Amble and Sandra Nilsen on the state of the market and the construction industry in Australia.

And then this… Into the wild (Canada)

We all love animals. But no pets here, as those in Western Canada may be a bit large for your living room. Our colleagues at Kitimat share with us three great photos of occasional visitors to the site. In the air, on land, and in the water. If beavers build marine infrastructure like we do, the bear that lives nearby forces our colleagues to be extremely careful with food waste: everything must be stored in closed boxes to prevent the bear from invading the site's facilities!

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