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Lore De Jonge

Guidelines for employees of BESIX sa, BESIX Group and BESIX RED as of 1 April 2020

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Dear colleagues,

Since the beginning of the month, our company’s focus has been on supporting the national effort to overcome COVID-19. It is a new reality we are still adjusting to, that will continue to create challenges and require collaboration and courage in the coming weeks.

Since then, we have organized ourselves to reconcile the measures taken by the government and the continuity of our activities. Teleworking has been massively introduced for a lot of functions. There where social distancing measures can be safeguarded, our sites are still operational. Unfortunately, in many other cases, construction work has been suspended, resulting in unemployment for many of our workers.

With this slowing-down of our activities, the whole value chain of our company is getting progressively impacted as well, including for our employees. Consequently, we have prepared a plan to define and follow-up closely the degree of employment necessary for supporting the current slowed-down operations and to be ready for a future restart in an organized way.

We have presented this plan to our social partners this Friday morning, who have approved and enriched it. You will find this explained on this intranet page, together with a detailed Q&A.

As from Monday, your Payroll colleagues will be at your disposal from 9:00am to 4:00pm to answer your individual questions:

  • Workers: 02 402 62 79
  • Employees: 02 402 62 76 and 02 402 62 13

Your General Managers and Heads of Department have also been informed and are committed to support you for further explanations as well.

The whole management of BESIX is here to help you navigate this incredible complex moment. Although we are temporarily isolated physically, we feel more than ever an immense sense of solidarity within the company and a great sense of a common purpose.

Take care.

Rik Vandenberghe

Geert Aelbrecht
Chief People Officer