COVID-19: scrupulous respect of measures to safeguard health and economy

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The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our lives and businesses on many fronts and in many regions. Thanks to a collective effort, we succeeded in flattening the curve.

However, in Belgium, as in many countries, coronavirus infections have resumed an upward curve in recent weeks. The current accelerated spread is very worrying but can still be contained. We can still prevent the second wave from being similar to the first. To this end, we ask you to scrupulously respect the measures described below.

Mandatory measures

A full and strict compliance of the measures already in force will help to preserve our health and livelihood, and will hopefully allow a ‘normal’ school year to begin in September and the economy to continue its gradual recovery.

  1. It is absolutely essential that the mandatory measures already in force be respected by all at all times (employees BESIX & entities, subcontractors, consultants, suppliers in Belgium). This includes the limitation of social contacts, the mandatory wearing of mask, a 1.5-metre safety distance between individuals, frequent hand washing and the importance of staying home in the event of flu-like illness, including mild flu-like illness.

  2. Last week BESIX has updated its internal policies on foreign travel, in collaboration with Mensura. Both business and private travel are subject to mandatory security measures designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Before your departure and after your return from abroad, you may be required, depending on the area of your trip, to inform Mensura, as well as your People and QHSE departments. Please reread and apply the instructions included in this document.

    ⚠️ These measures are mandatory for all employees working for BESIX and her entities in Belgium as well as for their subcontractors in Belgium. Subcontractors returning from abroad will also need to inform Mensura about their whereabouts and fitness to return to work via this form.

  3. If you or someone in your close bubble is diagnosed positive for COVID-19, you are obliged to stay at home and to inform your People Department as soon as possible ( The People Department needs this information to inform your direct colleagues of the situation and to take the necessary measures to prevent the further spread. Full information on suspected case requiring containment can be found here.

  4. If you have been absent due to illness, whether it is COVID-19 related or not, we would like to remind you that you can only return to your workplace after you have completed and returned the appropriate Mensura forms (FR - NL).

  5. We have taken measures to make all the offices in Belgium (all HQ and site offices) a safe place to work. Please pay special attention to the rules regarding the use of meeting rooms and the lunch arrangements. The maximum number of people meeting in a room must be clearly indicated on the doors and must be strictly complied with. The number of chairs in each meeting room must be adapted accordingly by QHSE.

Specific measures

On Monday 27 July, the competent authorities announced specific measures for the Province of Antwerp. We count on the local management to make sure they are enforced and complied with.

We have all a role to play

You are required to comply with the measures and procedures issued by the authorities, including local authorities such as your city or your municipality.

We all have a role to play in preventing a second wave. We call upon everybody to speak up towards colleagues who are unintentionally not respecting the rules. More than ever, we need to help one another.

Our collective ability to comply with the measures in force will allow our professional, social and cultural life to return to ‘normal’. Thank you all for participating in this collective effort.

Thank you also for continuing to work brilliantly for BESIX and her entities: you are already actively participating in the economic recovery.

Where can I get more information? Please have a look at the BESIX General COVID Rules and the COVID-19 Toolkit on our intranet. We’re continuously following up on government directives, so it’s important that you check the toolkit on a regular basis in order to have the most recent tools and information to work with.