#BetterTogether: the BPS department reinvents itself and needs you

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In a fast-changing environment, it is essential that we regularly update our procedures and the way we manage information, to ensure closer collaboration and optimal efficiency. This is an exciting challenge taken up by the Business Project Support (BPS) department.

At the crossroads between operational teams, IT and support departments, the BPS department’s mission is to be a reference centre for guiding, implementing and improving project management.

What you need to know about the BPS department:

1) François Lederer’s appointment

The department is led by François Lederer. Trained as a Civil Engineer, François knows BESIX very well, having already accumulated a dozen years of experience in the company. He performed various operational and support functions, in Belgium as well as internationally. He reports to Fabian Boucher.

2) The BPS department is hiring!

If you have operational experience, if you understand the need for rigorous processes, if you have a digital mindset, or if you even have an experience in digital document management: you are the ideal person to reinforce the team. Don’t hesitate to apply via email to axelle.vanklemput@besix.com.

3) IMs Library is online again

The IMs library is available online. As a reminder, the IMs library gathers all the principles and procedures that apply within BESIX Contracting. The library’s structure is visual and intuitive: in no more than three clicks, you easily find governance principles, operational and managerial procedures, as well as certificates and templates.

Note: the library is available as ‘single sign on’ (i.e. without password) for all users of the besix.com domain. Questions or requests about the access can be sent by email to ict@besix.com.

“With the relaunch and repositioning of BPS as a reference centre for projects, we hope to promote and share the best tools for managing our projects. With a collaborative approach to digitalization, we are confident of the added value the department can bring to operations in the constant search for efficiency and excellence”, conclude Pierre Sironval and Fabian Boucher.