#BetterTogether: 100 smiles to express the BESIX culture

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As the saying goes, “with proper strategy, you create the rules for playing, but culture determines the way the game will be played”. Let’s reflect together on the culture we have and want to reinforce and foster at BESIX. What is this ‘BESIX way’ that makes us different from the rest? What are the commitments we make to each other and the standards by which we interact with each other?

BESIX Group, through the Executive Committee, has identified six behaviours that are intrinsically linked to our corporate culture, our values, and therefore expected of each of us to adopt and apply. Together, the first letters of each of these six behaviours form the word BETTER.

Be inclusive | Eagerness | Take ownership | Trust | Engaging teams | Resolve together.

By applying them in our daily work, we will contribute to continuous improvement, take quicker decisions, remain a leading company in our fields of activity, and do better, together.

Let’s pause a moment on the first one, Be inclusive.

Inclusion is central and linked to the value of respect. It ensures fairness and equal opportunities, openness towards our colleagues, regardless of their background, beliefs, or lifestyles.

“This invites us to support the well-being of our colleagues by contributing to a respectful and caring work environment. Inclusion is also about being open to other ways of looking at things and being willing to co-create solutions with others, with the ability to question our own views or opinions. Our business world is getting more complex by the minute, so we need all to reply on different inputs and experts to come to the best decisions.” – Pierre Sironval, Deputy CEO.

To illustrate our differences in a visual and warm way, and to bring them as a strength and an inspiration, 100 colleagues from around the world have agreed to pose for this book.

“This book emphasizes equal opportunities, particularly in terms of career development and internal mobility. It shows how our differences make us unique, and stronger. Above all, it is a joyful symbol that at BESIX, we don’t always build walls – we also build bridges. Between us. To go beyond origins, gender or professional status.” – Geert Aelbrecht, Chief People Officer.

Enjoy skimming through this book, discovering faces, smiles, careers and opinions from around the globe!

In the coming weeks, we will frequently come back on this topic of inclusivity to share tools and advices to contribute to a tolerant, open, and inclusive culture. In the meantime, the short table below gives you a few examples of inclusive behaviour.

Everyone has the power to change things and learn how to make the workplace more agreeable and sustainable for everyone – you included!

We want also to give you the opportunity to co-create this culture with us. Challenge us on how we can embedded this culture through our 6 behaviours even more. Give feedback on how we and our leadership teams, are embodying our culture.

Caroline Vyncke is appointed as project coordinator for the BETTER behaviours and culture plan roll-out. You can contact her for details, feedback and ideas.

The Executive Committee