BESIX to build world-class marine facilities in Mozambique

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  • BESIX in partnership with Mota-Engil S.A., will build the marine facilities of the Mozambique LNG Gas Development Project. Works include the construction of the Material Offloading Facility and the LNG load-out jetty and wharf. The terminal comprises one of the world’s longest jetty structures, totalling 4,600 metres out at sea, 5 berths / platforms, including four for LNG and one for condensate, as well as associated mooring facilities for the largest LNG carriers
  • Contract for Engineering, Procurement and Construction was signed with EPC contractor CCS JV in April 2020. The design of the facilities has been significantly optimised through an active collaboration between CCS JV and BESIX’s in-house Engineering Department
  • Works, which will be carried out with BESIX’s own marine fleet, will begin in mid-2020

The contract

BESIX, together with its partner Mota-Engil, will design and build all permanent marine facilities of the Mozambique LNG Gas Development Project. The project is located in the Cabo Delgado Province, near the coastal town of Palma on the Indian Ocean coastline of Mozambique.

Scope of works

Works include the execution of the Engineering, Procurement and Construction of the LNG load-out jetty and the Material Offloading Facility.

  • The LNG load-out jetty and wharf comprises a 2,700-meter-long access jetty, with a width varying between 34 and 90 metres, leading to a 1,900-meter-long wharf out at sea. The wharf will notably be equipped with 5 berths / platforms, including the four for LNG and the one for condensate as well as berthing and mooring facilities for the largest LNG carriers (two Q-Max and two Q-Flex).
  • The Material Offloading Facility is a support marine base for the Mozambique LNG project development. It comprises quay wall structures and mooring and berthing facilities for cargo ships.

Works are expected to start in mid-2020. They will be carried out with BESIX’s own marine construction equipment fleet, which comprises i.a. two self-elevating platforms and crane barges.

Mathieu Dechamps, General Manager BESIX International: "We are particularly proud to carry out this project and to equip our client CCS JV and the Republic of Mozambique with world-class marine facilities, while TOTAL is the operator for which the facilities are being built. BESIX has built over ten major jetty structures over the last 15 years in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Canada. The infrastructure in Mozambique can rely on our renowned expertise in marine works. We look forward to developing them with our JV partner Mota-Engil."

Design & Engineering

CCS JV and BESIX have implemented a collaborative approach regarding the design of the facilities. This has allowed BESIX’s in-house Engineering department to develop state-of-the-art variants which significantly optimise the design and improve the project’s risk management.

Fabian Boucher, Director BESIX Engineering Department: "We started working on this project in 2014. The tendering process has allowed us to build a trusting relationship and a transparent working method with our client, CCS JV. It has also enabled our experts to provide 'value engineering', that is, creative solutions that combine the client’s specific interests with our specialised equipment (jack-up barges) commonly used for this type of work. Our full BIM integration will also benefit the functional objectives and the entire life cycle of the project. These marine facilities are high-end infrastructures that we are particularly proud to design and to build on the African continent, in Mozambique."

About CCS JV

CCS JV is the consortium contracted by Total E&P Mozambique Area 1 for Engineering, Procurement and Construction of Mozambique LNG project, a natural gas liquefaction facility on the Afungi peninsula in Cabo Delgado province, Mozambique, bound to become a future leader in the global LNG industry.

CCS JV is a limited liability company incorporated under the laws of Italy and formed by affiliates of Saipem, in Joint Venture with McDermott and Chiyoda Corporation. CCS JV partners have completed contracts for more than 40 percent of the World’s LNG Production projects.

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BESIX is a leading Belgian group, based in Brussels and operating on five continents. Its iconic achievements include Dubai's Burj Khalifa, the tallest tower in the world, buildings of the European Parliament in Brussels as well as the Grand Egyptian Museum, on the Giza pyramids plateau. The group’s in-house Engineering Department enables BESIX to realize unique, highly complex projects, particularly in terms of technical and environmental aspects.

BESIX carries out marine works all around the world, which notably comprise the design and construction of jetties, quay walls, breakwaters, water intakes and locks. Recent jetty structures include Ain Sukhna’s 3 km-long F-shaped jetty in the Gulf of Suez, Egypt, the offshore Bahrain LNG Import Terminal as well as Port of Fujairah’s VLCC Jetty N°1, in the United Arab Emirates.

On the African continent, BESIX currently contributes to building the Mohammed VI Tower, in Morocco, the Nachtigal Hydro Project in Cameroon, La Mé’s drinking water treatment plant in Ivory Coast as well as the Grand Egyptian Museum, in Egypt.

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About Mota-Engil

Founded in 1946, today the Mota-Engil Group is a multinational with operations focused on construction and infrastructure management in the segments of Engineering and Construction, Environment and Services, Transport Concessions, Energy and Mining.

As a leader in Portugal with a consolidated position in the ranks of the 30 largest European construction groups, Mota-Engil is making its mark on 3 continents and in 28 countries, in 3 distinct geographical areas – Europe, Africa and Latin America, maintaining the same standards of strict compliance, quality and capacity for execution in each market that allowed Mota-Engil to assert itself internationally.

With holdings in approximately 280 companies, Mota-Engil assumes a market positioning aligned with the best practices and in a business conduct based on ethical principles and sustained on a unique and integrated strategic vision for the Mota-Engil of the future: a more international, innovative and competitive Group on a global scale.

Africa is a natural market for the Mota-Engil Group due to its long-standing and acknowledged experience which began in Angola in 1946.

With an unrivalled position in Africa thanks to an ongoing investment in its capacity for the mobilisation of resources for the completion of large-scale projects, Mota-Engil Africa has a strategic perspective in the long term and a broad horizon of action while it endeavours to establish ever closer partnerships in infrastructure projects in areas as varied as Transport and Logistics, Energy, Oil & Gas, Mining and the Environment.