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Week of 28 March

1. Belgian WALL-E brings BIM on site (Morocco)

On the Mohammed VI Tower site in Morocco, BESIX is using the BIMPrinter topographic robot, a world first for the construction of a skyscraper. Created by Belgian company BIMPrinter, the robot is a mobile and autonomous topographic plotter, that traces straight on slabs the details of the digital drawings to real scale and to the nearest millimetre, for example to prepare the construction of partition walls with complex geometry and angles. This solution provides a significant gain in accuracy, which has a direct and positive impact on construction and work quality. It also offers a faster working speed than traditional topographic preparation. With the robot, the BESIX teams now produce a complete floor plan in less than a day, which is three times faster than through traditional method! Want to know more? Please contact our teams!

2. BESIX Watpac completes Jubilee Place (Australia)

BESIX Watpac has completed the Jubilee Place building in Brisbane and the result is stunning and representative of the company's engineering and construction expertise. It is a 14-storey building that was complex to build, particularly because of its structure and the site on which it was erected. The structure is an exoskeleton, partially cantilevered over the listed Jubilee Place Hotel and over a tunnel. The site was also an example in terms of safety, as there were no lost-time incidents. Finally, it is an example of sustainability. BESIX Watpac hopes to achieve the 6-star Green Star As-Built rating in the coming months. Floors 6 and 7 of the building will soon house the BESIX Watpac headquarters in Brisbane. Congratulations on this outstanding achievement. You will discover it from every angle in this video.

3. Franki Foundations' wind turbines (France & Belgium)

We all know Franki Foundations for its specialist expertise in deep foundations for buildings and infrastructure. You may not know, however, that the company also carries out work for wind farms. In France, for the Verte Epine project in Charente, Atlas Fondations not only built the foundations, but also the access roads, electrical and fibre optic cabling, earthworks, reinforcement, formwork and concreting. In short, the client only had to place the wind turbines on the turnkey bases! You can see it all in this video. About 700 kilometres further north, in Ghent, Franki carried out the first driven piles for wind turbines a year ago. They are now amongst the highest onshore wind turbines in Belgium and will soon supply 10,000 homes in the region. One more example of how our expertise contributes to energy transition!

And then this... A quiz question on road safety (Belgium)

The VSV, which was established by the Flemish Parliament, aims to achieve zero road fatalities through awareness campaigns for road users. Below is a question from a quiz created as part of its latest awareness campaign. “In a traffic jam, can a motorbike squeeze through traffic between the two left-hand lanes?” We leave it to you to answer. But we’re pretty sure that the car on the right of the picture was driving very carefully. Safety first, be it at work or not: BESIX counts on all of us.

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