Vanhout Facilities and De Bie-Veba become "ComTIS"

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Vanhout Facilities and De Bie-Veba cement their collaboration by adopting a joint name: Vanhout Facilities is renamed ComTIS Services and De Bie-Veba goes forward in life as ComTIS Installations.

ComTIS stands for 'Complete Technical Installations and Services'.

As a technical installation and service company, ComTIS creates worry-free working and living comfort with integrated technical solutions for large residential, commercial and government buildings. These solutions are based on in-depth knowledge and experience in plumbing, heating, cooling, electricity and engineering. Buildings entrusted to ComTIS are maintained, both preventively and correctively, on a technical and structural level, with 24/7 service and in a long-term relational perspective. ComTIS, as a one-stop-shop, stands for solid, reliable, sustainable, personalized installations and services, smart energy management, optimal value for money, transparent communication and safe implementation.

ComTIS Installations will focus mainly on the placing of new sanitary and heating installations (HVAC), while ComTIS Services will be responsible for both technical and structural maintenance of buildings. Both devote considerable attention to sustainability and energy efficiency.

ComTIS Services and ComTIS Installations are part of the Vanhout Group, which, in an innovative multidisciplinary approach, offers various construction-related services that provide sustainable added value to its customers, while taking account of end-user expectations.

The Vanhout Group is proud to have been part, since 1986, of BESIX Group, Belgium's largest contracting group with a turnover of more than € 3 billion and over 15,000 employees.