written by
Lore De Jonge

4,000 bicycle parking spots underground in Leuven

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BESIX has been selected by the Belgian National Railway Company to carry out extension work on the De Bond underground parking in the heart of Leuven. It is located on the Martelarenplein, in close proximity to the train station.

The work will increase the number of bicycle parking spaces to 4,000 whilst maintaining the current car parking capacity.

BESIX will build two underground floors, which will be connected to the existing parking floors. At the end of construction, level -1 will be available for bicycles. Removed car parking spaces will be transferred to level -2.

The excavations, estimated at 15,000 m³, will take place in an open pit. In addition to the build of the parking lot per se, the works allow for the removal of the sewage network, the demolition of a temporary parking for bicycles or even the commissioning of computer facilities.

This is a EUR 6.87 million contract, to be achieved in 560 calendar days. It should be noted that this is the first construction site led by the former West Construct crew, in particular, since the integration of the latter into BESIX.