The Activity Report 2018 is now available

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Dear Colleagues,

BESIX Group is pleased to present its Activity Report 2018.

You can already download and discover the English version (here). Hard copies, as well as the Dutch and French versions, will be available in the course of this month.

Do you want to know how you and your colleagues have reached new heights, what our clients and partners say about it and why the future belongs to us?
You'll discover it in the Activity Report, which showcases your outstanding work and achievements throughout the year 2018. Besides the financial results, it presents multiple and varied projects that BESIX and its entities have carried on, as well as strategic insights.

Above all, it evidences that BESIX has stayed true to its purpose: "Excel in Creating Sustainable Solutions for a Better World".

The Communication Department hopes that you will enjoy reading this Activity Report as much as it enjoyed making it. In this regard, the department warmly thanks all the people within the group who have contributed to it and made it happen.