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Laura Rans

Smart Coffee 12/05 : NEANEX

Me@BESIX Group 1 min read

Neanex is a digital company with a strong focus on information management in the construction industry.

We bridge the gap between engineering, requirement management, design, construction and operations by using our Digital Asset Register: the Neanex Portal is a web based solution connecting teams, tools & data.

With digitalization in the construction industry, we have a lot of tools to support our project teams. The challenge is how these tools can talk to each other. That is where Neanex Portal comes in. Neanex enables projects move from document driven towards data driven.

In this Smart Coffee, Neanex will present how they lead the data driven way of working,
and what use cases are relevant for BESIX projects and creating a competitive edge in the market.


Thursday 12 May, 13h - 13h50, at your own desk or in the Dubai room (HQ, business center).


Please register via Metrilio.
You have the possibility to attend this Smart Coffee in person or remotely.

See you there !

The BESIX Academy Team