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Iza Buysse

New email protection system against malicious emails

Me@BESIX Group 1 min read

Dear colleagues,

In order to better protect BESIX’s online environment from malicious influences, we introduced a new enhanced email protection system into Outlook for Office365.

More specifically, a quarantine has been set up in which potential malicious emails, such as spam or phishing, are stored away, instead of letting them land in your BESIX mailbox.

Why did we do this? Because phishing techniques are commonly employed by fraudsters or cybercriminals to deceive users and gain access to valid credentials and damage our company’s digital assets. Putting automatically potentially suspicious emails in quarantine is an additional barrier to protect us and BESIX against evolving digital threats.

Please watch the short video below, explaining everything about the new quarantine and about how to use it.

You can find your personal quarantine through the following link: https://security.microsoft.com/quarantine

Thank you for your cooperation!
Your colleagues from IT