Message for staff members at HQ Brussels

Me@BESIX 1 min read

Dear colleagues,

As you all know, we are confronted with a very particular situation as a result of the propagation of the Corona Virus. Very strict measures have been taken in order to slow down the spread of the virus on our territory. Compliance with the rules decreed by the government is of utter importance.

Showing solidarity, respecting social distancing (>1,5m between persons), staying at home and compulsory teleworking for everyone when possible are rules and regulations that should be strictly followed in order to overcome these complex circumstances.

If you imperatively need to come to work at the HQ offices (Communautés, Gulledelle), please note the following:

  • The HQ Communautés remains open from 8:00 until 16:00 on weekdays;
  • The only way to access the building is via the main entrance;
  • The parking is nowadays closed at all times;
  • Colleagues coming in have to present themselves at the reception;
  • The reception takes notes of every entrance and exit;
  • Body temperature is measured at the entrance, anyone with >37,5° will be refused access to the building;
  • The postal service will be handled two times a week, on Wednesday and Friday. Post will be ready at 12:00 in the post room. Department assistants are requested to organize the collection of the postal items accordingly, either personally or by appointing someone in the department.
  • The offices at Gulledelle are closed, colleagues from Gulledelle can work on the open space on the 4th floor (BU International);
  • The parking at Hotel Ramada is closed until the 18th of April;
  • The satellite offices in Antwerp and Ghent are closed.

A general cleaning of the premises will be carried out before reopening.

If your department used to order fruit baskets, please take them with you instead of leaving them behind at the office. We kindly ask you to cancel the weekly delivery service in order to avoid any food waste.

Be safe and stay healthy.