Message from the Executive Committee of BESIX Group

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Dear Colleagues,

Our collective efforts are paying off! Our construction sites are progressing, for the most part at full speed. Our offices have also returned to their usual life and dynamism, in full compliance with health safety measures that we have all learned to adopt. We have recently won new contracts. Throughout the difficult period of the last few months, you have consistently proven that in exceptional circumstances, we are able to deliver projects and make progress.

Of course, the challenges are still enormous. But our group has a double advantage, that of being financially solid and that of being able to count on your passion and your skills. Did you know that our absenteeism figures were at an all-time low despite the complex situation? It is proof of your collective willingness to protect yourselves, your families and ultimately your business!

On behalf of the whole BESIX Group management team, we would like to thank you, each and every one of you, for your efforts and dedication over the last few months.

The latest financial figures are slowly encouraging. They show that the efforts of the last months have paid off. Closing the year 2020 on a financially positive note will still require all of us to work hard, even twice as hard, to go above and beyond what we have always known. Some of our entities will reach their financial targets this year, which is impressive knowing the circumstances and deserves a shout-out! For the entities that won’t reach their targets, let us not be defeatist and remain ambitious: each and every one of you can influence, by your own contribution, the final result. There will always be a positive impact if we all go hard at it.

In football, it often happens that a coach changes a player during the course of a match, not because the player is performing poorly, but because another one is better suited to the challenges posed by the opponent's game. It is in this spirit that important changes have recently been initiated within the management of BESIX Group but also within some of our many entities. Our sector and the economy are going through unprecedented challenges. Our priority, in this context, is to be able to count on the profiles best suited to lead their teams in this situation.

We call on you to continue to respect all the measures put in place to tackle the pandemic. Above all, compliance with the measures is a civic gesture, which protects you and those around you, both privately and professionally. BESIX Group's management, for its part, remains attentive to the evolution of the situation. Keeping our commercial activity running, serving our clients, while containing the virus, is our N°1 priority.

Many thanks to all of you. Our chairman, shareholders and executives are confident we will come out stronger. Let us continue the remarkable work we have done over the past few months, with a renewed sense of cohesion and optimism.

We know BESIX Group can count on you, as you can count on us. Keep protecting yourself and our group,

The Executive Committee of BESIX Group