Louise Marie, Antwerp: an iconic building by Vanhout

Global Local Group 1 min read

Vanhout and its subsidiary, Vanhout Bilzen, are currently building the Louise Marie residential complex in Antwerp. This comprises two 14-storey buildings, linked by a glass screen of the same height, spanning a width of 22 metres. The screen's acoustic properties protect the peace and quiet in the green spaces, while the glass lets lots of light filter through.

The developer is Cores Development, and the complex was designed by the famous Polo Architects. The buildings house 207 one-, two- and three-bed flats, each with a fantastic view of Antwerp.

Vanhout and Vanhout Bilzen are due to complete their 35 million euro contract in 2021. Besides the buildings’ 26,755 m² area, three levels built underground provide an additional 9,582 m², with 258 parking spaces.