How cybercrime affects large corporations like us – and what YOU can do about it

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Phishing. Malicious code. Computer hacking. Ransomware. In our increasingly interconnected environment, if data is king… then the king is exposed to a growing number of threats.

Information theft is the most expensive and fastest growing segment of cybercrime. Only recently, French contractor Bouygues Construction has been affected by a ransomware incident. The entire IT network was affected and all the company's servers were shut down. A ransom of 10 million euros has been demanded and at least 200 GB of data have already been stolen.

The cost of cybercrime is indeed eye-watering: disruption of operation, cost of repairing damaged systems, loss of clients, poor media coverage, regulatory fines or sanctions… In 2017 a famous malware infected some of the largest business worldwide, paralyzing their operations. Pharma-giant Merck reported damages of 870 million dollars, French construction company Saint-Gobain reported 384 million and Danish shipping company Maersk reported 300 million.

Find out more about Cybercrime incidents in 2019-2020.

Imagine what this could mean for BESIX. Stolen contract information. Leaked trade secrets. Crippled construction sites. Paralyzed tools. Entire systems frozen.

To strengthen our resistance to these growing threats, we are massively investing in ramping up our digital frontiers and security protocols. The soon to be introduced Office 365 platform will already offer a major step-up. Office 365 has indeed powerful, built-in features to allow us to protect sensitive data, stay in control in the cloud, and meet compliance needs. More info about this in the coming weeks!

The answers to a better data protection are not only technological. They are also human. Are we all equally aware of the risks? Do we always have the right security reflexes? Let’s go together one step further towards embedding a strong security culture.

We have purchased an e-learning courseInformation Security”, the first group course on our new eAcademy platform, to inform you about information security threats and teach you simple ways to mitigate risks or incidents.

Concretely :

  • You will shortly receive a welcome email from with your login details to access the platform
  • E-learning takes 20 minutes only and can be followed on laptop, desktop or mobile App
  • It is accessible 24/7 on eAcademy
  • The course is available in English, French and Dutch
  • This e-learning course is mandatory and must be completed before Thursday the 12th of March 2020

Help us protect our data from security incidents – we are all part of the solution.

Thank you for your active collaboration,
Your IT & Training colleagues