Heavy winds and rain won’t stop the team in Diepenbeek

Me@BESIX Global 1 min read

Commissioned by Infrabel, BESIX and Tuc Rail are carrying out major infrastructure work to replace 7 railroad crossings on the Hasselt-Liège line at Diepenbeek. During the weekend of 22 and 23 May, the team could count on a temporary decommissioning of the railway line to carry out some important interventions.

3 crucial points

The team went to work on 3 crucial points during the temporary decommissioning of the railway line. The pedestrian tunnel at Diepenbeek station had already been pushed into place during an earlier decommissioning in the autumn of 2020. In the meantime, the team has fininshed the tunnel so that they could take time this weekend to finally remove the sheet piling. In the Waardestraat, the new bridge was unveiled by removing the scaffolding over the tracks. The temporary foundations that served as support for the bridge were also broken up. In the Molenstraat, the team placed new scaffolding and a pillar to prepare for the construction of that bridge.

Rain or shine, BESIX is unstoppable

Despite the difficult weather conditions, the BESIX teams and their partners were unstoppable. Thanks to the tight planning and good preparation, the works proceeded smoothly and the tracks were released on time at 3.21 a.m. on Sunday night. The works also attracted some viewers. You can watch the report by TV Limburg via this link.

Part of Spartacus project for increased safety and mobility

The works are part of the Spartacus project, which aims to build a fast tram line between Hasselt and Maastricht. Infrabel's aim is to ensure increased safety on the Belgian rail network and for road users, as well as more punctual train traffic. This level crossing project will also improve the quality of life and mobility in Diepenbeek and Limburg.

Work on the seven level crossings will be completed by the summer of 2022.