Find a preferred vendor for your project

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We are all looking for margin improvement or cost efficiency. One of the tools at our disposal to achieve this is the “Preferred Vendor Tool”: this tool lists all vendors with whom Procurement has negotiated favourable pricing conditions for anyone in the whole Group.

The right supplier at the best price is now just a click away: on the following page you will find a search engine allowing you, based on keywords in English, to find the Preferred Vendor you need in a few seconds.

What is a preferred vendor?

It is a supplier or subcontractor with whom the Category Managers of BESIX Group have negotiated:

  • quality guarantees, and/or
  • a framework contract, and/or
  • competitive prices, and/or
  • a better service, and/or
  • better lead times,

notably on the basis of positive experiences in the past between this supplier and BESIX Group.

Whichever team or entity you work for, it is important to give preference to these preferred vendors if you want to improve your margins, by spending less or better!

How to access this search engine?

Via this url ( or on the Group's intranet, in the Procurement category.

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