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Jan Vangeel

Evacuation exercise Head Office

Me@BESIX 1 min read

Dear colleagues,

On Thursday 2 December, a general evacuation exercise will take place at the Head Office in Brussels starting between 10h and 10h30.

The aim of an evacuation exercise is twofold: to test whether all the means foreseen (evacuation doors, fire doors, sirens, …) work as expected, and to give you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the evacuation procedure. This why we announce the exercise upfront and why we would really appreciate you taking part in this exercise if you’re present at the Head Office that day.

A few reminders:

  • Do not go back up to your desk to fetch your coat or other belongings, but go straight outside when the evacuation signal starts. This avoids congestion in the staircase. The elevators will be out of order immediately.
  • Make sure you know where the nearest emergency exit is located.
  • During the exercise, fire doors in the hallways and the elevator area will close. This is normal and you can push them open by hand if needed.
  • Do not use your badge when you exit the building or when you enter it again after the exercise to avoid your badge being blocked. If your badge is blocked, you can have it unblocked at the reception.
  • The assembly point is located at the roundabout on your right side when you leave the Head Office.
  • There is no headcount foreseen at the assembly point. Instead, our evacuation stewards do a sweeping of each floor before evacuating themselves.
  • You can go back inside as soon as the all clear signal is given by Facilities or QHSE.
  • Please wear your mouth mask at all times during the exercise, even when you’re at the assembly point. And at all times, try to keep a safe distance.

A final tip: the weather forecast for the 2nd of December isn’t too great. We’re expecting low temperatures and possibly light snow or glazed frost. So, you might want to take a warm coat to work in the morning.

Obviously, we’d like to know from you what went well and what could have been better. After the exercise, please send your observations to adama.traore@besix.com.