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Iza Buysse

Deep Tunnel Storm Water System has been delivered

Me@SixConstruct Group 1 min read

We are proud to tell you that the Deep Tunnel Storm Water System in Dubai has been delivered by our Six Construct team and its partners and that the system has now been put into use by the client, Dubai Municipality!

The project, awarded to the Six Construct – PORR joint venture, consisted of a 10 km tunnel of 11.05 m boring diameter at a depth of 30 to 45 m. On top of that, four deep shafts (40 to 45 m deep) were constructed to connect the connection chambers, in which groundwater and storm water is collected and conveyed. In total, the system will drain almost 40% of the entire urban area of Dubai, a total of 380 km², including flagship infrastructures like the Expo 2020.

Last week, the project was delivered and put into use by the client, Dubai Municipality. Water has been flowing through the system seamlessly ever since. This materialises the end of the project’s construction phase. All works have been completed except for some isolated MEP works which will be completed in the coming months.

Dubai Municipality has a strong vision for Dubai to be smart and sustainable. This Deep Tunnel Storm Water System highly contributes to that vision and provides the infrastructure needed to serve Dubai’s growing residential and business communities. We are very proud to have participated in this project and would like to congratulate all teams involved!

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