BESIX Group : Rik Vandenberghe passes the torch

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  • Pierre Sironval is appointed Deputy CEO of BESIX Group with immediate effect. He succeeds Rik Vandenberghe, outgoing CEO.
  • Rik Vandenberghe, together with the entire group management, will help to ensure a smooth transition in the coming months and will maintain specific responsibilities as Advisor.
  • Pierre Sironval, Civil Engineer Architect, has worked for BESIX Group since the beginning of his career in 1995. He has carried out outstanding projects on three continents before being appointed Head of BESIX Group in the Middle East in 2011, then COO for all the group's activities worldwide in 2018.
  • The Board of Directors of BESIX Group congratulates Pierre Sironval on his appointment and assures him of its full support.
Johan Beerlandt, Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors: "I would like to congratulate Pierre Sironval on his appointment. As Executive Chairman, I give him my full support. Pierre has spent his entire career within BESIX Group, has risen through the ranks and is an outstanding example of our corporate culture of excellence. His great human and professional qualities, as demonstrated when he was head of our Middle East subsidiary and then as COO, will make him an excellent CEO. I would also like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Rik Vandenberghe, who succeeded me as CEO in 2017 and who has successfully managed the transition. In particular, he has brought more rigour to all the company's processes."

Rik Vandenberghe retains specific responsibilities as Advisor and will continue to sit on the Board of Directors of BESIX Group.

Pierre Sironval