BESIX Connect: Changes in the organisation

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Dear colleagues,

Last Monday 29 November, Chris Raemdonck passed the torch of managing director of BESIX Connect to Andrew Raemdonck.

Chris and Andrew Raemdonck come from a family with a long experience in infrastructure works. In the 1960s, the grandparents Raemdonck founded a family business specializing in earthworks. In 1988, Chris and his sister took over this company and in 2004, they changed the name to UniConnect. The company had a strong focus on data cabling, infrastructure works and utility lines. Under Chris' leadership, UniConnect evolved into an established name in the world of cable installation. In 2018, UniConnect was taken over by BESIX Group via its subsidiary Van den Berg.

Andrew also looks back on years of experience within Larabo, his parents' company specializing in earthworks. In recent years, the company has built up a good reputation and is known for carrying out careful, efficient and safe work. Larabo was acquired in 2017 by BESIX Group via Van den Berg.

At the beginning of 2021, UniConnect and Larabo merged to form BESIX Connect. The day-to-day management of the company with 180 employees was in the hands of Chris Raemdonck for several months, with Andrew Raemdonck as his right-hand man and the clear intention to initiate the transfer. Chris will take it easy from now on as he has formally resigned as Managing Director. Effective as from this week, Andrew has taken up this role. He can still count on Chris for advice and support where necessary.

We would like to thank Chris for his many years of commitment and dedication to turn BESIX Connect into the successful company it is today. We also wish Andrew every success in his new role.

Best regards,

Jean Polet, Chairman of the Board of Directors BESIX Connect
Annick Martin, Director BESIX Connect
Luc Verstuyft, Director BESIX Connect