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Week of 15 August

1. A gigantic construction site (Cameroon)

In Cameroon, our BESIX team took over the leadership of the Nachtigal hydroelectric project a few months ago and the work is now progressing rapidly, with important milestones in the coming months. This huge project, which will produce one third of the country's electricity, includes a 1.5-kilometre-long, 14-metre-high dam, a 3.3-kilometre-long intake canal, and a 420 MW hydroelectric power station. The photos below give us an idea of the scale of the project and the current state of the work. They were taken last week, as our BESIX Cameroon colleagues welcomed Johan Beerlandt and Pierre Sironval for a detailed visit of the site.

2. A technical, sustainable, and human success story (Australia)

BESIX Watpac recently upgraded the Singleton Military Training Area for the Australian Defence. The project involved improvements to the electrical infrastructure, wastewater and sewage facilities, fire hydrants, storm water and gas networks, as well as a complete refurbishment of several high security structures. During the construction process, our colleagues managed to recycle over 460 tonnes of construction waste, equivalent to over 93% of the total construction materials. In addition, 84% of the project involved local companies, and the participation of indigenous companies was 4%, exceeding the initial objectives. Congratulations BESIX Watpac for these remarkable achievements.

3. Fast paced work in Warsan (UAE)

In collaboration with Hitachi Zosen Inova, our BESIX Middle East-Six Construct team continue to make impressive progress month after month on the Dubai Waste-to-Energy project. As shown in the images below, the structural steel envelope of the plant is progressing, and the external cladding is now underway. Inside the main building, the MEP work are advancing apace, along with the architectural elements. An impressive team of 4,400 people are working day and night to change the face of the project. BESIX is also fully engaged in the completion phase and pre-commissioning of the on-site water treatment plant, which will be the first element of the entire project to be commissioned. The "first fire" in Line 1, out of the 5 lines of the project, is expected to take place in early 2023. Keep on the good work, dear colleagues!

4. A tenth contract for Conneqtr (Belgium)

Conneqtr is a Belgian start-up created on the initiative of the ADEB-VBA association in collaboration with several construction companies, including BESIX, and which develops digital solutions to facilitate administrative procedures on the building site. BESIX actively contributed to its creation and was also one of its very first users. Among its tools, Conneqtr launched in April 2022 the online platform Zen, which gives an overview of the contractors and subcontractors present on construction sites and makes it possible to check that everyone complies with legal obligations and social legislation. This tool is already a remarkable success, as in only four months Conneqtr has signed ten major contracts. Congratulations to our colleagues who contributed to its creation and launch: our participation was key to its success.

And then this… 2021 in review (Australia)

Our BESIX Watpac colleagues have released the company’s 2021 annual review. We highly recommend that you read it. It is an opportunity to discover or rediscover the remarkable projects carried out by the company over the past year. A year that the company closed with positive figures. The report “Redefining the possible” is available by following this link.

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