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4 pictures to keep up with the latest news (27/4)

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Week of 27 April.

1. Dubai’s Deep Tunnel machines break through... again!

Second breakthrough succeeded! April the 10th 2020 marked a new phase for the Deep Tunnel Storm Water System project in Dubai, where the team achieved a second tunnel breakthrough. This event also marked the end of the drive for the second tunneling machine (called TBM). The next step for the team will be dismantling the TBM, working on tunnel repairs and starting on civil works. Congrats to all the teams involved!

2. Jean Polet interviewed for LN 24

Colleague Jean Polet spoke at length on news channel LN24 explaining the impact of the lockdown on the construction sector. He equally discussed the solutions going forward, while preserving health & safety for all. Watch it in replay here (only in French).

3. Luštica Bay Marine Village successfully handed over

Another project at which the team could ‘resiliently’ continue working is that of the Luštica Bay Marine Village. Recently, they were able to successfully hand-over and obtain the Taking Over Certificate (i.e. the acknowledgement of the completion of works) for a couple of buildings. Congrats to all the teams involved!

4. Jan Van Steirteghem on BESIX’s digitalisation strategy

The ultimate goal is to have an impact on the environment, on making the economy more sustainable. And digitisation is fundamental to this.

Jan recently spoke about the drivers of the digital economy in the construction sector. Read here his interview (only in Dutch).

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