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Lore De Jonge

Say hello to LEO, our new employee app!

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At BESIX, we have a whole range of tools, programs and links for all sorts of employee tasks: from filling-in timesheets to holiday requests, to register Check-In At Work, to observations during a Safety-Walk, to enter bike mileage, to a sick notice... It’s easy to lose track of all these tools, these actions can be pretty time-consuming and most of all, cannot be performed on your smartphone!

With people spending nowadays so much time on their smartphone, an employee app would fit nicely into our habits and responds to our needs. So, what if there was a mobile self-service app that enables you to perform these kinds of employee requests on-the-go, 24/7, fast and easy?

Enter LEO! Leo is the beta version of a new smartphone application developed internally, based on your needs and your feedback. The app combines several employee tools into one. Our friendly helper, LEO, will keep your screens clutter-free and make information more easily accessible. You’ll be able to consult LEO both on mobile and desktop, additionally, you’ll find that the desktop and mobile application are connected and exchange information.

LEO also brings his friends along: you can choose who will help you with your daily tasks: Meet LEO, LEA, MOH, UMA and LEE!

We’ve got your interest peaked, haven’t we? Let’s get into the details!

Here’s what LEO can help you perform on your smartphone:

  • Read the latest BESIX news on the go.
  • Record your observations during a safety walk-about (if applicable).
  • Submit a holiday or teleworking request to your manager.
  • Upload your medical certificate when you’re sick and notify your manager.
  • Consult the who’s who to look for someone by name, company, department, function and country.
  • Register your car and bike mileage.
  • Consult data about your company car or phone (if applicable).
  • Search for the location or basic information of a site by country or project. You can even ask Leo for directions and start your route via Google Maps or Waze.
  • Access all content available on e-Academy.
  • Etc.

For an extensive list of features and the data sources, consult our FAQ document here.

Here’s what you can help LEO with:

LEO is designed as a beta version and already has a lot of functionalities. Together with you, it is our goal to continuously improve it so the app can evolve into the smart helper it is designed to be. One of the functionalities the IT team is currently working on, for instance, is teaching LEO how to process timesheets, something we’re looking forward to!

Here’s how you can help us improve LEO:

  • Drop your ideas in the idea box and tell us which feature you’d like to see improved or added.
  • If you work daily with tools LEO draws data from, pay attention to the input of data. The more accurate we update the tools LEO draws data from, the better the app will function. So, pay special attention when e.g. registering project info in BESIXforce, and help make LEO a success!

Who has access and what’s to come?

Today, LEO is available for all colleagues from BESIX GROUP, BESIX, BESIX RED and A-STAY active in Belgium with an active directory profile. In the future, our IT team will give more colleagues access.

Convinced? Let’s install LEO on your mobile phone!

Open this URL on your mobile phone: https://leo.besix.com

And save LEO as a short-cut app on your mobile home screen:

Need help?

If you are having problems and need help, consult our FAQ document or contact IT via the self-service desk.