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Iza Buysse

Protecting BESIX’s online environment: VPN connection required

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Dear colleagues,

To increase the security of BESIX’s IT environment, an additional Virtual Private Network (VPN) has been created and is being gradually rolled-out on all BESIX laptops. We’d like to inform you that the installation on your BESIX laptop will be carried out by tomorrow.

It’s possible that the following screen appears when the installation is completed:

This VPN adds another layer of protection and privacy to your internet connection, particularly when you are connected through a non-BESIX network.

Depending on where you are, this might require an action from you. There are two cases:

1. You’re connected to a BESIX network (e.g. at a BESIX office, on a BESIX project site)
You don’t have to do anything. You’re automatically connected. If the following pop-up would appear, you may just click “Close”.

2. 1. You’re not connected to a BESIX network (e.g. in a public space, on a non-BESIX project site, at home, etc.)
A pop-up window like the one below will automatically appear on your screen. You can log in with your BESIX credentials. In other words, you fill in your BESIX email address as the username and your usual password as the password. Then, you click “Connect”.

If the connection was successful, the following pop-up will appear:

If you have any questions or experience any problems, you may contact the IT help desk via ict@besix.com or by calling +32 2 402 65 55.

Thank you for your cooperation!
Your colleagues from IT