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Lore De Jonge

FROM LORE & HENRY---- BESIX Group Media Overview 27 November

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Dear colleagues,

Please find enclosed the traditional media overview of the BENELUX daily press, as well as the international web press, as the social media review.

1. BESIX & Construction sector in the BENELUX press

See enclosed PDF.

2. International press (web) mentioning BESIX

3. Social Media posts mentioning BESIX projects

4. Our People on Social Media

5. This week’s statistics on social media:

1. Social media trend: how it started/how it’s going - diversity at BESIX

  • Linkedin: 11K impressions - 5.8% engagement rate - 498 clicks
  • Facebook: 4K people reached - 343 engagements

2. Kick-off Construction works of the Riga Central Station of Rail Baltica

  • Linkedin: 14K impressions - 1.9% engagement rate - 114 clicks
  • Facebook: 3K people reached - 268 engagements

3. TUC RAIL & Infrabel show off works on Waterloo station & tracks

  • Linkedin: 2K impressions - 0.9% engagement rate - 7 clicks

4. World Television Day celebrates LN24

  • Linkedin: 7K impressions - 2.4% engagement rate - 85 clicks
  • Facebook: 2K people reached - 78 engagements

5. #SitePicOfTheWeek of the Nachtigal Hydro-electric project

  • Linkedin: 22,5K impressions - 4.1% engagement rate - 658 clicks
  • Facebook: 4K people reached - 339 engagements

6. Tivoli GreenCity obtains prestigious BREEAM Oustanding environmental certification

  • Linkedin: 9K impressions - 1.8% engagement rate - 49 clicks
  • Facebook: 1K people reached - 77 engagements
  • Twitter: 643impressions - 15 engagements

6. NEW: magazines available on intranet

In order to remain informed about the latest developments in the building industry, Engineering can offer you a diverse range of magazines on daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis, which are available on intranet.

Click here to see which publications are available and register to be notified when the last digital issues are available. For more info, consult this page on the group’s intranet or contact Ilse Devos.

Thank you Engineering, for opening your library to our readers!

Comments: @Florence: can you check?


“Congratulations, @BESIX Watpac! We’re excited to see this project come to fruition!”


We saw this coming... What an achievement, @BESIX Watpac!


The suspense is killing us, Luai! Another innovative 3D concrete project in the making!


Fantastisch om dit te hebben mogen verwezelijken!


What an amazing progress, @RAXTAR and @BESIX NL!


Thank you for sharing the creativity on our BESIX sites, @Maxim! We look forward to see more of those inventive ideas!


We can’t wait for more gradient to come to life at Grotius!


Proficiat @WAB Projects met de vlotte vooruitgang van de ruwbouw! Laten we hopen dat de komende dagen prachtig blijven, voor verdere mooie ontwikkelingen.


Nice progress has been made at Sluishuis. We can’t wait for the next update!
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