written by
Lore De Jonge

Construction started on the Al Saja'a Water Reuse Plant

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Qatra, a joint venture between BESIX and the Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq) has recently started construction works on the water reuse plant in the Sharjah Al Saja'a wastewater treatment plant.

Set for a January 2020 completion, the plant will produce 5,000 cubic metres per day of high-quality water for non-drinking purposes out of Treated Effluent coming from the Wastewater Treatment Plant. This water will be ideal for industrial and domestic uses such as ready mix or district cooling, and will be a sustainable alternative to desalinated water with four times less energy consumed in its production process.

Gurvan Dersel, General Manager of Qatra, explains: "There is a vital need to reuse water for non-drinking purposes to reduce the demand on borewells and desalinated water. Hence, investments such as these provide a new sustainable source of water supply for the community."

This is the first project under the Shurooq and BESIX alliance.