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BESIX RED invests in proptech company Square Sense

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BESIX RED, together with Nexity and private investors, contributes to a € 3.5 million fundraising round for Square Sense, the leading platform in the digitalisation of the real estate sector. Their support will enable the proptech company to accelerate its commercial development in Europe, North America and Asia.

Square Sense improves the energetic and financial performance of office and managed residential real estate by collecting and analysing all the data produced by using a building. This includes financial data, usage data and technical data, such as data of energy consumption and environmental quality. On top of that, real estate developers and asset managers also get business recommendations generated by the platform’s artificial intelligence.

Thanks to the analyses and recommendations, real estate developers and asset managers are able to manage their projects in a more virtuous way and optimise the environmental performance, financial efficiency, and tenant satisfaction of their real estate portfolios.

With the platform, Square Sense aims at tackling the biggest challenges of the real estate sector, including the energy crisis, ESG requirements and impact on the financial performance. BESIX RED is proud to support the further development of this platform.

“It is Square Sense’s ESG commitment that convinced us to accompany them in their development. Indeed, the Square Sense platform allows to calibrate and optimise the performance of a building, according to the most recent and ambitious environmental standards. This new partnership is perfectly in line with our digitalisation program, BESIX RED 2.0, launched two years ago” – Gabriel Üzgen, CEO of BESIX RED.

You may find the complete press release here.

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