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Iza Buysse

BESIX is a proud partner of the non-profit organisation ‘CAPITAL’ in Brussels

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BESIX Group is delighted to be one of the sponsors of CAPITAL, a non-profit organisation devoted to empowering young people in Brussels. The organisation recently opened the doors of its youth hub where youngsters can meet to learn about themselves and their educational opportunities, find their way to various training courses, internships, and jobs and develop their talents.

The non-profit organisation CAPITAL strives to offer the Brussels youth tools and advice to navigate the labour market and to bloom career-wise. Located in a refurbished mansion in the heart of Brussels, CAPITAL welcomes youngsters, investors, entrepreneurs between 15 and 30 years old, and the social Brussels midfield and brings them together. The initiative is beneficial for all parties: youngsters can get a taste of what the labour market has to offer and entrepreneurs and public authorities get directly in contact with potential candidates.

Hassan Al Hilou, entrepreneur and founder of CAPITAL: “There are more than 100 non-profit organisations that supports the young in Brussels. They all have their specialisations, but the landscape is fragmented. Via this hub, we want to direct young people to the right organisations in one central place. The ultimate goal is to activate the young and boost their belief in their own abilities.”

The CAPITAL youth hub provide the youngsters with workshops, virtual reality parcours to discover different sectors, a community center where they can seek coaching and mentoring and coworking spaces where they can take their first steps towards entrepreneurship. Enterprises, non-profit organisations and young people are literally brought together into one, open, multilingual space. A real ‘cocreation ecosystem’ and ‘one-stop source’ as Hassan likes to call it.

As a partner, BESIX has its own stand at CAPITAL where its activities and projects are displayed, and construction trades are put in the limelight.

Axelle Vanklemput, Global Expert - Sourcing & Recruitment, BESIX Group: “As the only construction ambassador in situ, BESIX is thrilled to have the opportunity to meet the Brussels youth and to offer them the perspectives it needs. It’s also a real opportunity to promote the construction trades and to promote our sector. On a human perspective, it’s also a learning platform: the Brussels youth is very diverse, and we at BESIX are passionate about inclusion and diversity, about making different generations co-exist together within our company. We strongly believe that together we can overcome social barriers and provide the youth with a bright future. We truly applaud Hassan and warmly support him into realising this beautiful societal project.”

The non-profit organisation CAPITAL is located at Boulevard d'Anvers 40, 1000 Brussels and can be reached at info@capitalbelgium.be.